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Stain & Care

Discount Building Products has been providing quality materials for outdoor living projects to the Springs best deck builders and homeowners since 2007 as Timbers Diversified Wood Products. Because of your support and our growth, "Timbers" is now a contractor sales company and Discount Building Products is our homeowner sales division. So, whether you're building your own deck, just replacing your railing or needing materials for other projects, check with us first!

We leverage our wholesale buying power to bring you top-quality composite decking and iron railing products at rock-bottom prices!

Our Products:


UV Plus formulated in Colorado for our high UV with 40% solid content! For Decks, Fences & Siding

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Restore your wood deck using the Messmer's 2-part Wood & Deck Brightener

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Just want to restore the color to your old composite? Try Messmer's Composite Deck Finish, a premium oil based penetrating finish that protects and restores color to composite materials

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Care & Cleaning


The deck building industry has been revolutionized with the many new composite boards available! The first generation materials were made with a wood/plastic blend and were prone to staining and fading. Todays composite decking is designed with a "capped" core and many offer stain & fade warranties. It is made to be ultra-low maintenance and can be kept beautiful with periodic cleaning.

Each of the manufacturers have specific instructions for the care & cleaning of their particular products on their websites. Most recommend annual or semi-annual cleaning with a pressure washer and soap and water. Here are a few general tips.

1. Remove food, spills and other debris, then clean immediately to minimize the possibility of staining. This is especially important on a product that does not have the protective cap or stain warranty.
2. Always test any cleaner on a small portion of your deck before cleaning the entire deck.
3. Always follow manufacturers’ application instructions when using any cleaner.
4. Please note that any cleaner can lighten the color of your deck, particularly if it's an older, wood/plastic non-capped composite.
5. Check the manufacturer-specific recommendations before using a rubber welcome mat, grill mat or outdoor rug.
6. Never mix two or more cleaning agents when cleaning your deck.
7. Do not use a metal shovel to remove snow or ice from your deck, as you may cause damage to the deck surface.
8. Always follow proper gapping (installation) instructions to prevent water and/or debris from accumulating on your deck.
9. Keep the area under your deck clean and well ventilated.
10. Never apply harsh solvents such as acetone, gasoline, benzene, carbon tetrachloride or paint thinner to your deck.
11. Sanding the surface to remove stains is not recommended.
12. Dragging furniture and other objects across the deck boards is likely to cause surface scratches.
13. A pressure washer works great for removing dirt & debris, just check the manufacturer recommendation for settings. If you don't have a pressure washer, a garden hose and stiff-bristle broom should suffice.


Natural wood is beautiful when it first goes down, but dirt, dust, tree pollen and air-born pollutants combined with the weathering effects of sun & moisture will make the deck turn gray within a few weeks. If you want to keep the warm yellow tones of a cedar deck or the red tones in your redwood, the best solution is to seal a new deck with a good, high solid-content sealer. Once installed, allow 6-8 weeks for the deck to air dry and lose it's mill glaze, then clean the deck before applying sealer.

For cleaning, some folks recommend bleach & water, others advocate vinegar & water, sprayed on, scrubbed in and washed off. There are also several makers of "Deck Wash" products that can be used on wood and they are readily available in retail box stores or hardware stores. The best sealers include UV inhibitors or protectors and the higher the solid content, the better.

We stock and sell the Messmer's line of wood deck cleaners and sealers. They were developed here in Colorado for our weather and intense UV. The cleaner is an easy-to-use, two-part system and their sealer contains more than double the solid content of other sealing products on the market. This is the "good stuff"!