What to Look for in a Fence Stain or Deck Stain

A freshly installed cedar deck or fence just seems to glow. Cedar possesses a natural beauty and innate resilience superior to most woods, which makes it a perennial favorite for fencing and decking projects. But when exposed day after day to harsh sun and rain, even this king of lumber will begin to break down and show its age. That’s why regularly applying a high-quality stain is a crucial part of maintaining any cedar fence or deck. The professionals at Discount BP are there to install your deck and aid in maintenance. They are licensed and certified to bring quality services.

Many homeowners love the natural look of cedar and don’t want to cover it up or change its color. Others don’t want to put in the time and effort required to stain a fence or deck. People often ask if they can just leave the wood bare and let it weather naturally. The answer is an emphatic no.

Quality fence and deck stains offer more than just cosmetic benefits. They seal the wood and protect it against rot-causing moisture and damaging ultraviolet rays. They can double the life span of your fence or deck. And they help preserve the original beauty of the wood.

Choose a Stain, Not a Sealant. Deck stains and fence stains contain pigment, which not only alters the color of the wood but shields it against the sun’s UV light. The darker the stain, the more UV protection it provides. Sealants, which are primarily meant to block out moisture, do not contain pigment. They sometimes include a UV inhibitor, but they provide nowhere near the superior protection of a high-quality fence or deck stain.

Select a Stain that Penetrates. When choosing a fence or deck stain, it’s important to consider what material the stain is made from. Most stains will have a water, natural oil or petroleum base, and it is this base that determines how well the stain will penetrate the wood.

Natural oil-based stains have the highest absorption rate hands down – they sink deeply into the wood and form a strong bond that lasts longer than other deck or fence stains. As an added bonus, natural oil-based stains are made from natural products, so they’re more environmentally friendly.

Applying a high-quality fence stain or deck stain is one of the best things you can ever do for your cedar fence or deck. Not only does a properly applied stain extend the life of your project, but it will help preserve the natural beauty for which cedar is renowned.

If you have questions or concerns, make sure you ask the professionals deck builders colorado springs at Discount BP.

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