Wood Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance: It’s not something that anyone enjoys dealing with but is extremely necessary for your very large investment. Decks usually range anywhere between say $3000 to upwards of $12,000, it’s a pretty substantial investments and it is something you want to protect for years to come. The Professionals at discount BP are known for their quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

The first thing  to talk about is properly staining your deck. With regards to Wood deck maintenance, if you don’t probably stain your deck, you’ll give exposure to the elements, particularly water. You’ll notice that when you first seal your deck, it’s quite resistant to water and repels water very easily but as time goes on you’ll find that it does little to nothing and actually facilitates water being soaked into the wood. When wood starts to rot and corrode, this will promote insects to start coming in. So if you don’t go about protecting your deck properly, essentially you’ll find insects and other creatures invading your deck. With that kind of neglect, this beautiful investment that you spent a lot of time on, is now a place that attracts insects and other unwanted creatures.

So the first thing you want to do in Wood Deck Maintenance, is go to local hardware store and get a power washer. Spend a day or two and adequately power wash everything on your deck. Most stains darken the wood significantly, so the way you will know if you have stated deck properly is if the color has changed properly throughout your deck. If you are unable to do this on your own, call the professionals at Discount BP.

After you have stated your deck properly, or rather removed the stains, you’ll also want to rent out a power sander, and go through all the bumps and all the kinks in your deck. Once you have done this you are ready to restate your deck.

Over the years with Wood deck maintenance you’ll notice that there are certain pieces in certain parts of your deck that has excess corrosion. While you may feel compelled to leave it, you’re better off removing it completely, and putting a new plank.

The professionals at Discount BP are ready and available to help you build the deck of your dreams, and also help you maintain that beautiful and safe finish. If you need repairs or upkeep, they are the ones to call. Call today, to speak with a professional!

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