How To Lay Decking

Laying decking isn’t so difficult when you know how, so here is a 9-point guide on how to lay decking without problems. When in doubt, it is best to consult the professionals such as the ones from Discount BP. They are licensed and certified to build, repair and maintain outdoor decks. Call today for a consultation, or to schedule a repair. If you want to try your hand at DIY, make sure to have their number as reference and back up plan: they are professionals with a great reputation.

This assumes a little knowledge of using a saw and digging holes for concrete posts, but that’s about it.

The first and most fundamental thing you should do before laying your deck is to ensure the foundations are nice and sound. They should be solidly concreted into the hole, straight, and all at the correct height – pretty important to get this right, and don’t forget to allow for the thickness of the wood on top.

You want to consider is a kind of wood you’re using: the best types of wood are Cyprus, Cedar, Oak, and Redwood. Make sure the bottom of the deck is sturdy otherwise it will collapse; everything needs a strong foundation and a deck is no different. Most people end up using Cedar because it’s really good against rotting. One thing a lot of people don’t take into consideration is the actual maintenance of the deck.

Start from the back to make sure the level is correct, then work forward to the front.Next, dig out the holes for the foundation blocks for your deck. These need to be precisely level as well. Now lay the beams on top, making sure it is all parallel as you proceed. Then you need to attach the cross laths, screwing them tightly onto the beams, and keeping everything parallel and level.

Now we will see some real progress. Start laying the decking on top of all this, moving forwards from the back, as before.If you want to ensure longevity – and who doesn’t? – then make sure all the screws are stainless steel. The decking should about the wall with just a small gap between them, best make it 5mm or a little more.Nearly finished now – just saw off any overlapping wood so that the edges are straight, and there you are, a beautiful deck.

Al In all, it is best to consult professionals. Contact Discount BP today to start your deck design and build!

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