Finding The Right Design For Building A Great Deck

A deck should be so designed as to compliment the design of your house and go well with the neighboring yard.

Position of the Deck

It’s important to estimate the location of your deck for maximum effect. You may have it on one side of the house or at the back of your house. Some people prefer to have a free standing deck, away from the main house. While deciding the location of the deck, one is necessarily required to take consideration of the weather. A deck that faces the north can not be expected to receive as much of sunlight as a deck that faces the South. If the deck faces the north, it will attract chilly winds during spring and fall. At the same time the limitation of a south facing deck is that it will become too hot in summers as it gets sun all through the day. If you locate the deck closer to the dining area or kitchen, you get the advantage of entertaining your friends with meals on the deck.

Overall Deck Design

The size and design of your deck is decided by your requirements. It’s quite customary to limit the size of the deck to that of the biggest room in the house or to the size of the drawing room. The position of the deck should be such that it allows easy entry and exit. Generally, people provide one opening from the deck to the house while there are two gateways for approaching the yard. If the house needs a new door for the deck, it should be installed before the deck is constructed. It’s best to go for French doors or sliding glass doors as they allow you to have a good view. Railings are essentially required for the purpose of safety, especially when you have kids at home. Having potted plants around the edges of the deck makes it attractive and gives the feeling of being close to nature. Care should be taken that the potted plants around the deck are in harmony with the plants in the neighboring garden, should there be any. You may also consider having arbors if vines are growing around to protect the deck from severe weather.

Deck for Dinners

If you intend hosting dinners on the deck, its focal point will be the tables and their layout. The size of the table is naturally decided by the number of guests you are going to accommodate there. A stylish bistro table should suffice if you expect a couple of friends only, but if you are expecting large gathering, it will be appropriate to have bigger wooden tables with extensions. You should include patio umbrellas with eye-catching designs. You get these umbrellas made from wood or aluminum.

Deck for Parties

It’s nice idea to have an outdoor party with all your friends on the deck. You need to have seating arrangement, which maybe built in. It’ll be fun to have a party in the evening during winters and you can arrange for an outdoor fireplace to get the feel of a campfire. Else, you may employ a patio heater and make the deck comfortable. You may need an outdoor fan if the party is during the day or on a summer evening. Make sure to provide an outdoor bar, and possibly a barbecue on the deck for having a great time with friends. And don’t forget you need a deck railing too! You don’t want people falling down on your lawn or even your roses just because they had one too many. Building a nice, sturdy Deck Railing should keep those guests safe and will give your deck a complete look.

Deck for Kids

Kids always love to enjoy outdoors and deck makes an ideal setting for them. Perhaps, you could organize a painting competition for them in the natural surroundings of the deck or just let them alone with their toys. You need to have kids’ friendly furniture. There should be adequate space for storage of their toys. The kids will be thrilled if you could arrange for a weather-resistant LCD television or music system for their amusement. Another idea will be to give them daybeds and let them experience the pleasure of sleeping under a starlit sky.

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