Sunburst Railing – Can I Do It Myself?

Sunburst deck railing is nice way of providing a touch of style to your deck. Apply it to renovate a basic railing system to a stunning looking piece. The project, whether you do it of your own or get it done from a professional, transforms your deck to become the main point of attraction of the backyard.

You can start by drawing a plan first. Measure the distance between the deck posts. The job becomes easier if the distance is uniform all over. Otherwise, you have to choose sunburst segment that conforms to the distance between the deck posts. The process of installation that follows here, is based on the assumption that you know the installation of a typical 2×2 railing design, otherwise you have to learn that. Let’s suppose you have had spans of eight feet between 6×6 posts and you like to have 5’ segments of sunburst deck in the middle of some of these segments.

You begin with the installation of top and bottom parallel rails between two corresponding posts. These are required to secure the balusters. Then, you position two 2×4 vertical balusters within the posts, enabling you to cut the central span to 5’. Using a plumb, find the center and fix the first baluster. From the central baluster, work on either side by positioning the bottom of each baluster against the previous baluster, and spread out the tops, so that the gap at the top is not more than four inches. Keep doing the same way till you are not left with a space of more than four inches. Mind you, as you keep spreading out the size of baluster will keep increasing. The pre-cut balusters may not be sufficiently long for the longer pieces, and you may need to purchase a few 8 feet long stack pieces and cut them to size. Then you just fit the next top and bottom rail that covers the ends of the balusters, and you’re done.

For a tighter pattern at the base of the sunburst, you may cut each baluster on an angle to fit them together closely. You will need to cut the end of all balusters at an angle where they join the vertical post. The base and top of most of the balusters gets sandwiched between two 2×4 and won’t be visible.

When you like to have a tighter pattern at the base of the sunburst deck railing designs, it would need a half round piece in the middle of the base for covering the angle cuts, which are likely to project beyond the top of the bottom 2×4 rail. So, after you have installed all balusters, cut a half round or elliptical shape of adequate size that would cover them. That you get a bit of additional flair. You may go for it even if there is no need to hide any cuts.

It’s best to leave this up to the professionals, as this work can get complicated. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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