Deck Restoration DIY Options

When winter shows signs of leaving and spring peeps out of the clouds everyone feels like letting go of those warm clothes and coming out to their decks and soaking up the sun. All of this sounds very romantic but there’s one thing that needs to be taken care of to achieve that bliss – deck restoration, the process of cleaning up a deck and restoring it to its original condition just the way it was before it got ‘weathered’. There are some things to look out for while deciding up on deck restoration which help you judge if restoration is possible or is it necessary to replace parts of the deck or the entire thing.

Once all the protective gear is worn, it needs to be ensured that there are no rogue nails or screws sticking out of the surface, which can happen over time. If so, they need to be removed and be replaced by longer nails or screws. If there are any planks, or parts of planks which are slightly crooked due to contraction, they need to be straightened out as well. A wood deck with partial replacements is harder to restore than one with no replacements. The lesser the replacement, the more uniform the deck restoration looks.

Once the required nails have been replaced, and the crooked planks have been realigned, make sure that the planks are very secure, so that the next step of cleansing the deck can go smoothly. A suitable solution for cleansing the deck is mopped onto the deck using a sponge or wet cloth. Not only does it clean up the planks, but it also brightens them up. After this, the deck needs to be left alone for 20-30 minutes for the rinsing part of the deck restoration process.

Once the deck has dried up a sealant is applied on the surface. It not only restores the colour of the deck but also protects it from water. A good sealant makes it really difficult for the wood to absorb any water, thus prolonging any decay caused by the wetness or moisture. In deck restoration, a sealant is the final thing that’s applied and then the deck is left to dry. Call today to schedule your deck restoration, and start looking forward to a beautiful deck!

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